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How to get the final SQL after macro expansion

In my very first post about SQL macros, I mentioned that for table macros, there is a simple way to see the SQL statement after macro expansion using dbms_utility.expand_sql_text. However, for scalar SQL macros, there is no such straightforward method. We can activate a CBO trace (also known as event 10053) and find the final statement in the trace file. This approach works for both scalar and table SQL macros. In this post, we will explore how to do this, and we will use… a SQL macro for that! Well, at least we will give it a try…

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Null Values? NOT IN my Subquery! #JoelKallmanDay

I had to learn from this mistake more than once in my SQL career, until it became a kind of reflex: always think about the NULL values when you are writing a NOT IN subquery. Well, you should ALWAYS keep the NULL values in mind as a SQL developer, but in this case the consequences can be really nasty! And it drives me crazy how many times I’ve seen this error in my consulting life, even in production code. So, what is the point here?

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Not Every “Not Equals” is Equal

Yesterday I voted on the poll by @SQL Daily about using different forms for “not equals” conditions and that brought back bad (and funny) memories. Over 25 years I have always used “!=”. “Does it matter”, you might ask? Actually, it shouldn’t. But here is my story and the reason, why I was considering to change my habits and use “<>”.

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